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FOXpocalypse: The Wrath of the Creative Network

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May. 11th, 2011 | 07:58 pm

My twitter feed pretty much exploded last night around 11pm. Did we get another terrorist?! Nope, FOX network was on a bloody rampage, canceling every single one of its "bubble shows". Amon
g the casualties were Human Target, The Chicago Code, Lie To Me, Breaking In, and Traffic Light.  Honestly, I'm not really super bummed about any one of these, the only one that I actually watch regularly is Traffic Light, and I wasn't particularly attached to it.  People were absolutely furious, and I'd be lying if I said it wasn't sad, but honestly, this is the TV business. It's more likely that a show will fail than succeed.

It's kind of an interesting and aggressive PR move on FOX's part, evidently the point is to grab up all the good writers before the other networks do, and show that they're only willing to tolerate success. One of the funniest things from the night was a TV Line article morphing from "Fox picks up several new shows, with a couple of cancellations...." to "FOX bloodbath!!!!! Oh, they picked up a couple shows too..." Among the new shows picked up are Alcatraz (some new scifi thing from J.J. Abrams...), The Finder (the very excellent Bones spinoff!), I Hate My Teenager Daughter (comedy) and The New Girl (comedy with Zooey Deschanel). In addition, the highly anticipated, high profile X-Factor will be on FOX's fall schedule, as well TerraNova, a ridiculously awesome show about dinosaurs and stuff.

FOX is a bit different from the other networks. First off, it doesn't have "BC" in its name. I'm sorry, bad joke. It's considerably younger than ABC, CBS, and NBC, but manages to do excellently for itself demographic wise.  Anyone remember Lone Star from the fall? Maybe, maybe not. If you do remember it, you probably remember it for being canceled so quickly. In hindsight, this shows how truly innovative FOX is, and that it's willing to take risks, even if they don't always pay off. It says a lot about the network that they're even willing to give a show like Lone Star a shot. And I'm grateful that they did. Would Glee have succeeded on any other network? Not a freaking chance. Glee is one of those risks that payed off. Though it certainly has its flaws, Glee is one of the most innovative and interesting shows on TV right now, and I honestly can't imagine a TV world without it.

CBS is usually the "safe, predictable" network, but even they made some mis-steps this year. Shit My Dad Says? Might as well get rid of the last three words of the title. It has a couple of hits in Mike & Molly and Blue Bloods, but it's really been a bad year overall. And of course there was also the giant Two and a Half Men and Charlie Sheen debacle, which is apparently not over yet.  
NBC is probably the most troubled of the networks, with its ever declining ratings and general lack of quality. I'm glad that Parenthood and Chuck made it out alive, because they're probably NBC's best programs, at least in my opinion. Let's hope that this year is the last we see of Outsourced.
Shit My Dad Says and Outsourced are both considered to be pretty offensive, and have a lot of people that really hate them and are wishing cancellation upon them. FOX doesn't make offensive shows. Sure, maybe the decaying dead bodies on Bones gross you out a bit, but surely that's a bit better than the racially offensive jokes of Outsourced.

One final consideration- FOX doesn't do 10pm TV. ABC, NBC, and CBS all do, so they have more shows, and more timeslots to fill. FOX only has 12 hours of TV as opposed to the 18 that the others have, so they need to make those count.

So here's to you, FOX, the creative network, for being bold, making a few people mad, and hopefully creating a great next season for TV.

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(no subject)

from: lukkistar
date: May. 12th, 2011 01:19 am (UTC)

Just as I was criticizing NBC...it picks up a musical show. Haha. No I definitely know where you're coming from on Glee there, honestly I don't watch it much anymore. There are a lot of episodes backed up on my DVR that I need to catch up with. Glee suffers from BAD WRITING, and Ryan Murphy. I'm sorry, but the guy does not know how to run a show. As with his other shows, it was good the first season and then went completely downhill. However, I'm glad that Glee is on TV, because it's something different and creative. I love CBS dearly, but do they REALLY need 3 CSIs?

A bloodbath to this extent is kind of rare, and I don't think any of the other networks have so many bubble shows. CBS went on a killing rampage last year, but that was at upfronts, so people cared a lot less.

I don't know much about ABC, I think it's a little more innovative than CBS, and has a solid comedy block on Wednesdays, but I've never been able to get into any of its dramas. But maybe there will be something for me there next year...

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Allison Nichols

(no subject)

from: AllisonIsKiller
date: May. 12th, 2011 02:34 am (UTC)

yeah I'm not sure how NBC and this musical comedy are going to go. Its going to be compared to Glee, without a doubt, I just hope its different. And yeah Glee's writing is sad, but I do admire them for tackling certain issues. Their musical moments seem to be good. I fast forward though songs i don't know and people I don't care about, I am the ideal viewer, haha.

I don't see the need for 3 CSI's either. I don't even watch CSI anymore. It is just ehhh. Nothing exciting about it. It's all procedure and no real substance, at all. Some shows, like House, get bashed by some for branching off during an episode or two from their procedural aspect, but I think if its JUST procedure then its boring.

The only noncomedy show on ABC that I watch is Castle. I wonder if ABC is going to pick up more comedies this time. They better keep Happy Endings!!!!!

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