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Bones Finale Thoughts: Mixed Emotions of Every Kind

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May. 20th, 2011 | 01:37 am

Let's face it, the only thing that really mattered in this episode was the final scene.
Alright. well as nice as that is....there are definite problems. I do not believe for one second that they would have gone this route if Emily wasn't pregnant in real life. I think I even remember one of the producers saying somewhere that they wouldn't have her pregnant on the show. I don't know. I kind of wanted to see them grow as a couple and then make the conscious decision to have a child...this is kind of a lot all at once.

We've all been waiting 6 years for Booth and Brennan to get together. We had to put up with the drudgery of Hannah for the first half of this season...but I think everyone knew in the back of their minds that Booth and Brennan are meant for each other, and that they would probably get together eventually. I think this is kind of a big step for the show, because honestly I wouldn't have expected the show to have them get together until the very end...I definitely thought this would have been the equivalent of Clark flying in Smallville, and Ted meeting the mother in How I Met Your Mother. A sign of the end. But I'm very glad it's not.

Fans of the show have wanted them to get together for a long time. And obviously the producers listened, and finally gave us that gift after six years of waiting. I'm not sure if the pregnancy thing is the best idea. I'm looking forward to Booth and Brennan being a couple, but I'm not sure I'm looking forward to them being thrust into parenthood so quickly. I don't know if it's quite a cop out, but it's just a bit strange to me...

The rest of the episode didn't really matter too much. Seeing Daddy Bones was fun as usual (since he stopped murdering people and stuff...) and the case of the week was somewhat entertaining because of the bowling alley shenanigans, but it wasn't anything too special. My favorite squintern, Wendell made an apperance (seriously, he's so cute! And he doesn't have any wacky quirks like the rest of them), and watching him try to figure out Angela's equipment, which is apparently called the Angelatron (I thought it was the Angelator?). Predictably, Angela and Hodgins' baby was fine, and it was a nice transition into the conversation that Bones had with Booth where she broke the news. Sidenote: What  a lovely tribute to the deceased Vincent Nigel-Murray that Angela and Hodgins gave him the middle name of Vincent <3

I suppose this is kind of the natual progression for the show at this point.  Earlier in the season, there was that episode where Brennan identified really closely with a victim, and realized that she was in love with Booth but had missed her chance because he had a girlfriend.  Ever since Booth and Hannah broke up, people have been asking..."So what the heck are they waiting for then?!"
I'm glad I have the summer to mull this one over, because I still don't quite know what to think. I'm happy, confused, annoyed, and ecstatic all at the same time. I'd say it's pretty good TV that can get that much of an emotional rise out of me. 

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