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Panic! at the Disco show review

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May. 26th, 2011 | 12:45 pm

I'm on a 6 hour drive from Hartford, Connecticut back to Buffalo after the Panic! show, so what better time to make a post about the show? 
I was super pumped that Panic! was doing a tour, but they weren't coming to Buffalo :( I convinced my dad to drive to Toronto for the show there, but we decided to go to Connecticut to see my friend and the show there instead.
Seriously, one of the best concert experiences of my life. I joined Northern Downpour just so I could get meet&greet and early entry. We got to the venue around 3:30, and the meet&greet supposedly started at 5. I thought that there would be a big line, but there were only about 5 people in front of us. Eventually some other people got there, we talked to people from Boston, Long Island, and other places. The tour bus was parked on the street near where we were lined up. At one point Dallon came out and tried to get on bus but couldn't get the door open. Someone had to let him on haha. Eventually Zack (Panic's very protective but extremely funny and usually nice bodyguard) came and corralled the line and separated meet&greet from early entry people. Then we went in where we were going to meet them, after Zack checked names off the list and gave out wristbands. Then it was time for the "warning talk". Zack is clearly very serious about protecting the boys, and gave us a talk about what we are and are not allowed to do in meet and greet. "It's ok to put your arms around them when taking a picture...it's not ok to grab their asses...they really dont like that, and I will kick you out."  Someone's phone went off, with the ringtone of CeeLo Green's "Forget You". Zack was mad cause he was in the middle of giving his speech, and Zack said "Fuck you!!!" in time with the song to the person whose phone went off. lol. "We know that you like to buy the guys gifts...like getting a build a bear that looks like Brendon because it has a top hat. That's super nice, but we don't really have room on a tour bus for all that stuff, and usually we end up just throwing it out. Occasionally I find an orphanage or something that we can give that stuff to, and I guess they like getting a million build a bears that look like Brendon..." I made them bracelets. Then it was finalllly time to meet them! I was super glad that Dallon and Ian were at the meet and greet too, because I didn't know if they would be. They were all very nice and friendly, though I didn't get to talk to them for very long. They all signed my ticket, and loved the bracelets, Dallon took a really long time picking which one he wanted, and Brendon was super amused by the intricate design. Brendon said I was super talented at making them :) Brendon was wearing his glasses which I think makes him look even sexier. Dallon was wearing short hipster pants, it looked kind of strange haha. Dallon is ridiculously tall, probably 6'3" at least. Ian is super short, about my height. Brendon and Spencer are taller than me, but still short-ish.  Then we got back in line for the pictures. Zack informed us that part of the ticket would be torn off, the part where Ian signed, so Ian had to re-sign like 50 tickets. Brendon seemed to find this like super amusing. I asked Brendon what the button on his jacket said. "Sexy bitch...because I am...it was a gift." He laughed. The picture with them turned out super well! Zack obviously knows what he's doing and is very good at taking pictures. The girl that was behind us in line forgot to bring her camera, so I let her use mine for her picture. We came back out and had to get in line behind the early entry people. boo! There were like 25 of them and I was afraid we weren't going to get a good spot, and people from meet&greet kept jumping in line in front of us. We went in eventually and got barricade!!! I was surprised since there so many people in front of us. We were on the left side, but it was a REALLY good spot. I didn't experience too much pushing or annoying people in the crowd, so that was good. After way too much waiting, Foxy Shazam came on. I find it really funny that Foxy Shazam opened for The Young Veins too, and I honestly think they're much more suited for that crowd. Their music was really not bad at all. If I closed my eyes it was good. But the whole experience of them was just so BIZARRE. They were all dressed very bizarrely, and were very strange. The lead singer asked people in the crowd for cigarettes. He eventually got one, and smoked it on stage. This bugged me because (a), smoking is super gross and stuff, (b) I'm really allergic to smoke, and (c) who the frack smokes on stage?! Then he got another cigarette and ate it. yeah. ATE it. Eww. They were thankfully done after like 5 songs, and it was time for the band Fun, which I'd heard of but never really listened to before. I was really pleasantly surprised by Fun! They were really...well....fun! haha. Very good, cool interesting music. I'll be downloading some of them when I get home hopefully. They had a slightly but not much longer set than Foxy Shazam, but were about a million times better. haha. After more waiting it was finalllly time for Panic! I dont think I'd ever been so excited for anything in my life. haha. We were on the side of the stage by Ian. Ian and his mic stand kind of blocked Spencer and his drums (which were on a little platform toward the back of the stage) so I didnt really get many pictures of him. I took about 350 pictures, about 180 are good. The lighting was kind of weird and annoying, and my camera didn't really like it for the most part. But I still got a lot of good pictures, mostly of Brendon and Ian. Dallon was far away too haha. Dallon had changed out of his hipster pants and was dressed normally. Brendon and Ian were wearing shirts with suspensders, Brendon had a bow tie. I'm not really sure what Spencer was wearing. Great improvement over the Pretty. Odd. days with the paisley and flower shirts. haha. They played a LOT of songs from Vices & Virtues, I think every song except for The Calendar and Sarah Smiles. I don't really like Sarah Smiles, so that was good for me haha. My favorite song on the record is Hurricane, which was super fun and energetic live. Brendon played Always on an acoustic guitar sitting in the back of the crowd. We only like half watched because we didnt want tm lose our spots on the barricade. But I really love that song, and it sounds really good live. The only songs from Pretty. Odd. that they played were Nine in the Afternoon and That Green Gentleman. If someone had told me 3 or even 2 years ago that Panic would pretty much hate Pretty. Odd. and that the exclamation point would be back there's no way that I would have believed them. It kind of makes me sad because it looks more and more like Pretty. Odd. is "The Ryan Ross Album". They played a LOT of songs from A Fever You Can't Sweat Out. They played The Only Difference, I Write Sins Not Tragedies, Lying Is The Most Fun, But It's Better If You Do, I Constantly Thank God, and I think there might have been more. I wish they would have played There's A Good Reason, cause that's my favorite song off the album, but oh well. There were a bunch of random covers, I dont remember what all of them were though. I know they played Carry On My Wayward Son, some George Michaels song, and some song that their band name came from. idk haha. Brendon said that his suspenders were breaking and that it was time for them to go. Their last song was Nearly Witches. Brendon thanked everyone so much for coming to the show. What he really meant was "thanks for paying too much for a ticket." Thank YOU Panic, for a great night. At one point there was apparently a lot of pushing and people wefe getting really hot, though I didnt have this problem. The band dumped water on some of the crowd. Ian directly hit and pretty much drenched us. My friend and I started swearing at him, and flipping him off. he thought it was hilarious. Zack gave us a towel to dry off. Isn't he the best/most organized/nicest bodyguard ever? We headed out into the massive mob of people trying to buy merch. All the shirts were really ugly, and I already have 3 Panic shirts haha. My friend and I ended up buying bracelets, which are pretty cool and much more affordable. A super amazing concert experience, I'm so lucky to have met one of my favorite bands, and been front row for their concert. See you again soon, Panic <3
Lots of pictures coming when I get home!
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