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Concert Rage

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Jun. 7th, 2011 | 03:01 pm

About 4 years ago, I made a list of the top 5 bands that I wanted to see live, but hadn't seen yet. That list was: Panic! at the Disco, Fall Out Boy, Green Day, The Rocket Summer, and My Chemical Romance. Four of them, I've seen live. Multiple times. The only one remaining on my list that I haven't seen yet is My Chemical Romance.  I was BEYOND ECSTATIC when I heard that My Chemical Romance was coming to Buffalo. They haven't been here since 2007, at which point I was kind of just getting into the. And there was NO WAY that 14 year old me would be going to a My Chemical Romance concert by myself. I knew that I absolutely had to go to this, because then my list would be complete, just before college.

But of course, as is always the case with concerts, there's that whole issue of money. I understand that bands needs to make money, and I understand that touring is the only way to do that these days. I'm ok with paying $83 for a ticket, if it's a GOOD ticket. But it's really not. I'm in the back of the 200 section, and that's about as good as I'm going to get without handing over an arm and a leg. Tickets at the front of the 200 section? $225. Tickets in the 100 section and the GA PIt? Also $225. Alright, you want people to pay more for the "VIP Experience". I think that somewhere about $100, or maybe even $125 would be the ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM that should be charged for this. This is absolutely Blink-182's fault. They're greedy, and this is essentially "their" tour. You guys are big, yeah, but not that big. Do you think that I'm made of money? Because it honestly seems that way.

Point of rage number two: STUPID PRESALE CRAP! So tickets are going on sale Saturday at 10am...alright, I can deal with that, I'll have my multiple different browsers open, ready to buy tickets and choose the best ones I can get. Nope. Why would it be that simple? Mark Hoppus announced yesterday on his twitter that there was going to be a presale at 1:00pm that day. Ooops, he got the time and day wrong and it was actually today at 10:00am. WHY DO A PRESALE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WEEK?! It's not like it was really even a presale, since the "password" for it was posted on blink's and MCR's websites. Then I see a tweet from livenation buffalo that there's going to be another presale starting at 10am on Thursday.WHAT?! I'm so confused! Are more tickets going to be released at that presale, and then when they go on sale to the "general public" at 10 on Saturday? I'm going to try again both days, and if I can get seats that are in a better part of the 200 section, I'll take that and try to sell the other seats.

Finally, I don't even have anyone to go with. As with last time Blink (with Fall Out boy and Panic, who were what I really cared about) came to town, I know I'm going to end up offering a "free ticket" in order to get someone to go with me. I've asked friends to go with me and they've been like "oh....it's too expensive...." even when I've offered to give them my ticket for a heavily discounted price. So I don't even know if I'm going at this point .I have two ok tickets, that cost too much, that I might not even get to use, that  I might just end up selling.

If I start a "Alex wants to see MCR" fund now, and put away a dollar every week, I should be able to afford an expensive ticket when they come back to town again in another four years. Haha.

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