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work drama

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Jun. 8th, 2011 | 01:19 am

You wouldn't think that there would be much drama working at a library. But that would be wrong. The long time manager, Joyce announced several months ago that she was retiring. So naturally, a new manager had to be found. One of the other girls that works there, Shannon, put in for the position. Shannon is only the senior page, but she has a library degree, and was therefore considered to be qualified for the position. There was a several week long process of interviewing and stuff, and we all kept telling Shannon that she would get the job. I should probably point out that Shannon is only 25, which, I don't care how much experience and degrees you have, is kind of young to be managing a library. Especially considering that the other librarians that work there are in their 50s. She didn't get the job. And she was a crying mess for several days. A different person that none of us had ever met before, Kelly, got the job. Everyone tried to comfort Shannon, and tell her that we were sure that the new person wouldn't last working there, and that we wouldn't help her out. I was kind of nervous about having a new boss, but Kelly was super nice, and she had all kinds of innovative new ideas and ways to make everything run smoother. I was really happy, because she seemed to really like me and value me as an employee. I was kind of glad that Shannon didn't get the job, because she can be kind of bossy sometimes and I'm not always sure if she likes me or not.  Everyone else except for Shannon said that they loved Kelly too. Shannon was still kind of bummed, but finally starting to adjust to our new boss. So apparently yesterday, Kelly finds out that her husband's job is being transferred to North Carolina. So she'll be leaving the library and moving. So what happens? The position falls to Shannon, because the board doesn't want to interview people again. Shannon can be a very nice person, but honestly I don't think she'll be a good manager AT ALL. She obviously was very happy, but it's just so strange. The other librarians are apparently not too happy either, and one of them is even threatening to quit. I don't blame them, I wouldn't want my boss to be someone less than half my age. Guess I'll have to see how it all works out, but things are looking very complicated right now.

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