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Last Minute Mother's Day Mayhem

May. 7th, 2011 | 11:19 pm

Oh shoot....tomorrow is mother's day...and what had I planned? NOTHING. I was too busy being self absorbed in the fact that it was my last week of high school...so my dad asks me what I got my mom for mother's day, and I said nothing, and he started freaking out at me. I made him give me $20 to get flowers and stuff.

So I went to the grocery store...I know, not exactly where one would assume you would do mother's day shopping. It was seriously the funniest thing I've ever seen. The front of the store had more flowers than a florist, and mother's day signs EVERYWHERE. And it was absolutely crawling with confused and panicked looking husbands and sons, trying to find something but very overwhelmed by the flowers and stuff.

I was only at the grocery store for about 10 minutes, but I saw 5 people that I knew. I saw my history teacher, and said hi to him. It was sufficiently awkward. I saw this kid that comes into the library where I work sometimes that kind of bugs me, apparently he works at the grocery store. haha. I saw two guys that go to my school that are juniors that I don't really know, but we half exchanged waves. And I saw one of my friend's moms. So yeah, pretty funny.

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The Theory of Evolution of The Big Bang Theory

May. 6th, 2011 | 10:27 pm

Four years ago, one of my (kind of nerdy) guy friends told me that he watched this super awesome new comedy about physicists, and that I should check it out. I pretty much laughed at him.  I stumbled upon said program about a year later, and realized that it was actually really funny! Granted, The Big Bang Theory is not exactly the same show that it was four years ago. And I'm not really sure what I think about that. Let's discuss.

I feel like the show is a little bit unstable creatively this season. The first two seasons were pretty much spent with Leonard trying to get with Penny, which was entertaining for two seasons, but after that enough was enough. I was glad that Leonard and Penny did get together, and glad that it lasted for most of a season, and not just a couple of episodes (How I Met Your Mother, I’m looking at you. Barney and Robin belong together! But back to my other favorite CBS comedy…).  But then after this season, at least for the first half, I think that the showrunners really had no idea what to do.  Was there life for the show after Leonard had pined after Penny for two years, they’d gotten together, and then she’d broken his heart? For awhile there, things were a bit unstable, but then the girls came into the picture. Which I think is what changed the show, and I don’t know if it was for the better.

What used to be a completely geeky and science filled comedy that was possibly too smart for TV and the common viewer about four geeks and their beautiful blond neighbor has evolved into an ensemble comedy with just as many guys as girls. I’m not quite sure when this decision came about, or whether or not it was a good one.  Although Priya is a guest star, she’s basically a member of the cast, as she has been in the last five episodes or so.  Evidently, The Big Bang Theory is trying to appeal to a wider audience by having more females, and less geekery. And I’m not sure if I like it.

Sure, there have been some good episodes, especially “The Justice League Recombination” (featuring Penny’s hilarious on-again, off-again boyfriend, Zach) and “The Love Car Displacement” (road trip to a science conference in which Leonard and Penny have a one night stand!) but I can’t help but feel that the show has lost a bit of its geeky luster. I challenge you to find one reference to Star Wars, Star Trek, Comic-Con, anything pop culture in this week’s episode. Yeah. Nothing. That was part of what I enjoyed so much about The Big Bang Theory, and I feel like it was replaced by Penny and Amy scheming to find out what the guys were up to, and then Penny being covertly jealous about Leonard’s relationship with Priya.

I’m very interested to see where these last couple of episodes will take us, and whether Bernadette, Amy, and Priya will be around next season. Bernadette and Amy are both contracted as cast members for this season only (though if they are invited back I won’t be surprised), and Priya (not Prius, as my dad likes to call her) is only a guest star. Should be interesting, and I hope the show finds a balance of the ensemble hilarity that occurred in some of the season’s earlier episodes, but gets back to being a little more nerdy and a little less catty girl stuff.

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American Idol Top 5 Recap!

May. 4th, 2011 | 09:43 pm

Gonna give this TV blogging/recapping thing a shot. I need to get good at this if I want to do it professionally (eventually).
The judges have a front row seat? No way! CUTE ALLITERATIONS! “Randy is ready! Jennifer is good to go!” And nothing nice about Steven.
“Who is in it to win it?” Alright Randy. So that’s my shot phrase. Should make this show more fun. Since I have to actually sit through all the performances and critiques- sorry, not critiques- judges’ rambling. I THOUGHT WE WEREN’T HAVING GUEST MENTORS THIS YEAR? Lies. I can deal with Cheryl Crowe. Certainly better than Jimmy Iovine. So Cheryl loves everyone apparently! “It’s going to be THE most interesting show!” I doubt that. Because all the interesting people are gone.

James Durbin- 30 Seconds to Mars- Closer To The Edge
30 SECONDS TO MARS ON IDOL! YES YES YES. JAMES I LOVE YOU. Alright I’ll stop with the overuse of caps now. Or maybe not. Yes James. This is the route for you. I love this song, so I’m possibly a bit biased. The outfit is a little weird. I’m not sure If I like it. Oh he’s walking into the crowd…kind of a bit like the original. MORE PYROTECHNICS!!! This studded vest thing is not really working for you dude. Neither is the whole half of a beard thing. “You kicked that song’s ass! You’re ready for freddy, the way you work the audience.” Ok Steven…. “It’s yours to take James!” Alright Jennifer… “That’s Jared Leto’s band… NAME DROP…..James is in it to win it! He wants it!” So evidently “in it to win it” is the new “for me for you.

Jacob Lusk- Jordin Sparks- No Air
OH MY GOSH WE GOT THE ACTUAL PRODUCER OF THE SONG. How totallllllly sweet. Except not really. It was kind of weird to hear simply because No Air is done by an Idol winner, and doing an Idol winner’s song on the show is kind of blasphemy. There was a bit of screaming, but not an enormous amount, which was progress. Jennifer didn’t seem to love it and played the “you’re not sure what kind of artist you want to be….” card. “That’s going to help you get to the top three…or two…” So we’re not aiming for top four? We’re automatically assuming that he’ll get through this week? Alright cool….Randy didn’t love it…but Jacob listened to Randy and didn’t hold back! “Blah blah blah, new Luther.” No Randy. No. Mentioning Chris Brown and Rihanna in the same sentence? Uhhhh bad idea Randy. “Luther didn’t just do big ballads…he did more diverse stuff…and so am I…so I’m just like him! Now go look at yourself in the mirror, bitch!” I might have paraphrased that last part a tad bit….

Lauren Alaina- Carrie Underwood- Flat on the Floor
“Stand still Lauren!” Ok. So he not moving around is not at all is not a good idea…”I’m proud of Lauren, she’s taken the constructive criticism and used it as fuel…” #IovineFail Uhhh no. She really hasn’t. What the FRACK is she wearing? Some waist belt thing with fringe? And cowgirl boots? Carrie Underwood you are not, my dear. I’m being a bit cynical here. Honestly, she sounded REALLY good tonight. She took the power in her voice and applied it in the right places. Now they’ll want her to be Carrie 2.0. Oh shit. “THE GREAT CARRIE UNDERWOOD….” You bet Randy. “Lauren is in it!” So we shortened it from “In it to win it” to just “in it”? Can I still do a shot? “For a fifteen year old girl, you’re great!” She’s sixteen, Steven, get with the program. Jennifer says some unmemorable five word sentence. Apparently it’s a tightly packed night where the judges get to say about one sentence. And I am more than ok with that?
Scotty’s next? So Haley’s getting the pimp spot?! YEAHHHHHH!!! #TeamHaley
J. Lo’s performing tomorrow?! NOOOOO! Do not want.

Scotty McCreery- Montgomery Gentry- Gone
Jimmy Iovine likes Scotty way too much. “People are going to be moved tonight!” Yeah, maybe they’ll take their remotes and move to another channel. Cheryl Crowe apparently loves Scotty too. “You’re going to have a big career!” Who are these cute guitarist guys?! I WANT ONE. Comes in through the audience…jumping around and dancing around the judges tables. AWKWARD HOT MESS. Alright cool. Blond backup singer overload. Wow, awkward gestures and stuff. What a hot mess. Ballad Scotty it better than country rock Scotty. But props dude for at least trying something different. The face at the end was all kinds of frightening. “Up till now Scotty you’ve been like a puritan, but I swear I saw you dance with the devil tonight…” Well alright. That’s something Steven. “You just own that stage! I heard some growling! That’s some American Idol stuff right there!” Let’s leave the growling to Haley. Obviously this is American Idol stuff. Because we’re on American Idol. Oh Jennifer…“IN IT TO WIN IT!!” *takes another shot*
Why AT&T , why, are you still trying to sell the iPhone 3 still when then iPhone 5 is on the way in the fall? Why?

Haley Reinhart- Some new unreleased Lady Gaga song
YES HALEY DOING LADY GAGA. Wait, she’s doing an unreleased Gaga song? This might not be a good idea…OH! So it’s a NEW Gaga song? Huh… Jimmy Iovine suggested this song? SABOTAGE!!!! Haley got to talk to Gaga? SWEET. Jimmy is actually being nice to Haley? WHAT IS THIS?! Did they yell at him for being mean last week? Ooh, she’s laying on the stairs. Super sexy. I love this girl. She sounds kind of drunk slurring things together. And there’s the awesome growl. I’m kind of enjoying this…but I don’t know the song. It’s a bad idea to do unknown songs. Much less unreleased songs. She’s adding her jazzy growly flavor to it, and it’s working really nicely. One of my favorite Haley performances so far. KILLER ENDING. “Hi baby. There were some good moments within the song….this was a cool idea…but this was not the best idea for Jimmy to give you…when you’ve got Scotty and James…” Oh, so they love Scotty and James and want them in the finale. Got it. Guess Haley’s not in it to win it? “I’m not sure it’s that great of a song…JOSS STONE NAME DROP” Oh, so you dissed Lady Gaga and then tried to show your street cred with the name drop. LAMEEE. “I think you put all of your range in it…” Alright Steven. Whatevs. “I think you’re just one perfect song away from being American Idol…” So she’s going to be the show now? Uhhh… I can’t get over how pretty Haley is. 1 866 5705!!! CALL IT!!!! NOW!!!! #TotallyNotBiased

James Durbin- Harry Nelson- Without You
I got really excited for half a second and thought ti was going to be With Or Without You by U2. James is crying again. And how there’s a panning camera of him sitting in front of a fence in a parking lot… MUCH BETTER LOOK FOR YOU. Less crazy hair and a long sleeved shirt. This is very tender and intimate. Wow, such emotion, and definite tears in his eyes. OH I LOVE THIS SONG. Exact right amount of power, good build to the big notes. GREAT GREAT GREAT. He’s closing his eyes and tears are streaming out. James, I’m almost there crying with you. That was so perfect. As close to a “MOMENT” as we’ve seen this season. Lots of applause and smiling audience members. Awwh he’s STILL crying! “This is a mark of trult a great performer. I can feel your emotion. It wasn’t perfect..but it was emotionally perfect! This is yours to lose!” Oh he did that funny eye twitchy thing. But decent enough critique from Randy. “When you sing as good as you do…” PEOPLE DON’T SING WELL. THEY SING WELL. AND HE JUST SAID PITCHY. Enough of you Steven. “You are an artist, a true true artist.”, says Jennifer. Awwh he’s still crying. James, I love you dude.
Jacob unveils his rock side next…well this should be fun…and by fun I mean hilariously bad.
Idol tour plug! No one cares Ryan. “All the 411 is at American Idol.com…” Do people really still say 411?

Jacob Lusk- Nazereth- Love Hurts
Cheryl is singing it to him? Alright…..we start out with a harp…ugly grey suit! Lots of falsetto….but restraint, which is good. I’m pretending this is #TheVoice and that I’m Adam Levine and he sounds like a girl at the beginning. Ohhh, there’s the big note. Alright. This is pretty good. He’s stomping on the stage. lol. He’s showing pretty good emotion too…Weird finish full of runs. Oh and a screechy last note! Is he crying now too? #RealMenCryOnIdol “You kind of got lost in the song…” DID YOU JUST ACTUALLY JUDGE, STEVEN?! “You bring out the tricks at the end and you really brought it home…” *interprets the wrong way* “You redeemed yourself on this one! That might have been the highest note ever sung on this stage!” No Randy. James and Adam have definitely hit higher than that. Now Jacob is smiling and giggling like a little kid.
Kelly Preston and Sir Anthony Hopkins are in the audience? Do they have new movies on Fox?

Lauren Alaina- The Righteous Brothers- Unchained Melody
Oh Lauren, such a cliché song for the show! Don’t do it! Too late. “It’s my mom and dad’s song!” awwwh, well I can’t argue with that. Jimmy mentions the movie Ghost. I LOVE THAT MOVIE. “Retranslate it to what it means to Laurnen…” pretty sure retranslate is not a word. Just like irregardless is not a word. Alright, this is nice. Lauren looks much more tanned. And her gown is GORGEOUS. She’s starting small and restrained. She doesn’t sound country at all, which I like. Round 2 is much better so far! Sparkling sky backdrop! Too much Idol. Her makeup looks really nice too. She makes a weird face going for the big note. And she’s going overboard on the runs a little. Was that a growl there? Still very nice though. The whole effect is emotional and intimate, and very honest. No gimmicks and country cuteness. Maybe my favorite Lauren performance so far? WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME. I should be hating this girl… “It was a beautiful song sang beautifully by you…” Are you Steven now Jennifer? “Blah blah Whitney/Mariah name drop.” WHERE’S ADAM LEVINE WHEN YOU NEED HIM TO PICK UP THE DROPPED NAMES?! “You’re just beautiful…” I’m bored, Steven.

Scotty McCreery- Elvis- Always On My Mind
This could be good…could be. I don’t know. I sort of liked Elvis Scotty last time. Jimmy is continuing the Scotty love. Cherly wants to be involved in Scotty’s career. Haha. GEESH. MORE “INTIMATE SINGLE SPOTLIGHT EMOTIONAL GLANCE” performances. Damn, Scotty looks nice in a suit! Not the eyebrows again…This is nice though. He sounds less country than usual, as did Lauren. “Give me one more chance to keep you satisfied…” Oh Scotty, you’re too young for that! Sorry. I had to. Nice soft ending, good performance overall. “You show us what a well-rounded artist you are! Just amazing, so beautiful. Nothing awkward about you up there…”Lies, Jennifer, lies. “We call you our youngest vetran…”that makes no sense Randy. Scotty is just nodding along. Haha. “I can not pick that apart…” Glad to know you can judge, Steven.

Haley Reinhart- The Animals- The House of the Rising Sun
THIS COULD BE AWESOME. I can see this being awesome. MAKE A MOMENT, HALEY. MAKE A MOMENT! Haley doing it accapella? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. Good advice Cheryl! THIS SOUNDS FRICKING AMAZING. Oooh, smoke and sun colored lighting! Wow, they might as well just call this second round redemption round! This is much better than the first performance. Now she’s getting all soft and showing off the jazzy soulful side of her voice. Oh my gosh this is so fabulous. I love this girl. Ooh, lots of growling and big notes now. She’s literally glowing, I think. LOVED it. Jennifer is standing up! YES YES YES! THEY’RE ALL STANDING! “What I love guys, is that every week someone is coming out slaying it…BEST PERFORMANCE OF THE NIGHT GOES TO HALEY!” YES RANDY! YES YES YES!!!!!!!! “Sweet and sour, raspy, I can really relate to that…I think you sold everyone tonight!” Good Steven, good. Awwh, Haley looks SO happy. Awesome way to close the show, best of the night, and almost a moment! VOTE FOR HALEY!!!!!!!!!!!
Alright so not a bad night overall….EVERY SINGLE CONTESTANT HAD A BETTER SECOND ROUND. So they’re all better at singing older songs? I don’t know really. I think Haley and James are safe for sure. Jacob’s “No Air” was the worst of the night for sure. Lauren and Scotty are kind of a toss up, but everyone really was very good tonight. I’m gonna say (and hope) that Jacob goes home.
Sorry this got a bit long, my first shot at recapping, hope someone reads it!

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sometimes it's just the little things in life

Mar. 15th, 2011 | 10:00 pm

So I'd been feeling pretty bummed out about work lately. I felt like I wasn't doing a good job, that I wasn't actually needed, and that maybe I should just cut my losses and quit. I work at a library, and my primary purpose is to put away books and movies and stuff. There's this one girl that's been working there for awhile, and she really doesn't like me or something. She always feels the need to check over what I'm doing, and often correct me.
There was this older guy in the library tonight that I see sometimes, as he was on his way out he said to me, "You're such a good worker here! You put things away so efficiently and so well and you always have such a good attitude". And I said "Awwh, thanks so much!" and one of the other librarians said "We're very lucky to have her!" So after said guy left, the librarian said to me "Do you know who that was?" and I said "No..." and she said "He worked for the library system for a long time and was on the board for several years. And he really doesn't give out compliments very often" and I said "Wow, I'm so flattered! That was really nice of him." and she said "Well it's true, you really are a great worker here and you do such a good job"
The universe really does work in strange ways sometimes.

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When bands get greedy

Mar. 13th, 2011 | 11:04 pm

Alright Panic. I love you guys. I really really do. And I'm so freaking excited for your new album. But damn, you guys are fucking greedy. Ok, so you wanted to do some exclusive pre-order bundles. That's alright. But there were like literally 7 different levels of them, some of which were ~limited edition, so you wanted to make sure that you bought one. I debated for a long time on which one to get, and finally decided on the $40 one, because I thought the tshirt was ugly and an extra $60 for a photo, hoodie, and necklace wasn't worth it. I'm cheap, ok? But I did debate on it for a longgg time.

So today....OMG U.S TOUR DATES! Oh, they're not coming to Buffalo. Or Rochester. Not like I wanted to see my favorite band after nearly 3 years...."Dad...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DRIVE TO TORONTO OR CLEVELAND!" "Ummm..." "It's only 2 and a half hours PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!" "Ok...fine..." So my dad agreed to drive to Toronto. YAY!!!
Oh look...more exclusive preorder packages...which you have to be in Northern Downpour just to be able to access. Which is pretty much ok, I understand that bands want to offer fan club only benefits to members. Oh but wait...in order to get meet and greet I have to spend $70 PLUS the price of my ticket? I hope Panic realizes that most of their fans are teenage girls, who don't really exactly have big paychecks.

I've never really been a fan of fanclubs, just because they're expensive and there's really no guarentee that you'll be able to go to their tour and get special benefits, which seems like the primary purpose of it to me. But I seriously think that if you're a member of the fanclub, you should not have to pay (A TON) extra just to get meet and greet.

So how much am I going to end up spending?
$30 for Northern Downpour Membership + $30 (or more?) on the ticket + $70 on the preorder bundle. $130 for one night.

And what am I going to get for that?
2 t-shirts
An !autographed! poster (couldn't I just have them autograph it themselves if I met them?)
A pocketwatch (what the fuck am I going to do with a pocketwatch? Sounds like something Ryan would have liked.)
A general admission ticket
Early Entry
Meet and Greet

I have a job, I make money, and I'm pretty good with saving money. This will cost me an ENTIRE PAYCHECK. And I guess that's ok, but I hope this is the last I'll be spending on Panic this year.

Like I said, I really do love Panic, probably more than I love any other band. But come on guys, please don't get greedy.

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Like, omg! American Idol Top 13!

Mar. 4th, 2011 | 08:04 pm

I'm so addicted this is terrible. I already know it's going to be better than last season. Everyone (ok, well....ALMOST) everyone is really super talented this year. So run down of my thoughts on the Top 13...I'll go in alphabetical order to be kind of fair.

Ashthon Jones- Diva girl! It's been awhile since we had one of these on the show. She's got pretty good vocals, an a lot of attitude. I was honestly surprised that the judge picked her over Kendra (who I would have much preferred), but she's not bad. I hate to be a conspiracy theorist here, but they obviously needed some..ermmm...ethnic diversity in the top 13. Oh yeah, and her name is spelled weird. Whateverrr.

Casey Abrams- I dunno what to think about this guy. Obviously a lot of people like him, and he's very likable. Kind of like a giant teddy bear. The fact that he plays multiple instruments is definitely going to work in his favor later on. Anyone with a guitar is automatically at a big advantage, and he plays guitar, bass, and that piano harmonica thing. I don't know what Idol is actually going to make of him, since he's pretty much unlike anything the show has ever seen before.

Haley Reinhart- Pretty blond girl! You can be a pretty blond girl and be talented (see: Carrie Underwood), but this girl is only on the show because she's pretty. I was surprised to find out that she was 20, she looks like she could be a about 16 or 17. I don't really like that growling thing that growling thing that she does with her voice, it works for guys sometimes but definitely not for girls. I'll be surprised if she's not one of the first to go.

Jacob Lusk- I didn't really follow too much of what he did in Hollywood week...but damn his top 24 performance was good! Could it be that Idol might have actually found a viable black male contestant?

James Durbin- THIS IS GOING TO SOUND SO MEAN. But someone with aspberger's/high functioning autism and torrets is not ready to be on live TV. I'm still convinced that he's gay. One earing...the tail...excessive use of bandanas...IT'S ALL JUST TOO MUCH. I kind of feel bad for the guy, at 22 you should be in college, not worrying about your fiancee and 2 kids. No doubt he's got mad talent, but he's not going to live up to all the adam lambert comparisons. All the best to him, he's definitely got potential and if he could come out of Idol as a hard rock artist (compared to adam who is much more theatrical and pop), I think that's his best bet.

Karen Rodriguez- Spanish Myspace Girl! She needs to not wear a prom gown on stage the next time that she performs. Haha. J.Lo was obviously eating up the whole "singing in spanish" thing. I think she might get lost in the shuffle a little bit, just because she doesn't seem like the most exciting or unique person, and she's probably a bit less talented than some of th e others. But she hasn't done anything to make me mad yet, so we'll see.

Lauren Alaina- I don't like pretty blond girls on Idol. I don't like country music on Idol. I really especially don't like over bubbly teenage girls on Idol. CAN YOU IMAGINE WHAT I THINK OF LAUREN ALAINA?! The judges love her way too much. And she's way too young to be as into Steven Tyler as she is. I'M TRYING TO HARD TO BE NICE BUT IT'S SUPER DIFFICULT. Ok. That's all.

Naima Adedapo- I'm so glad they picked her as a wildcard. She sings with such passion and emotion, it's really awesome. She's really different and quirky and seems like a fun person, and she has a super funky and cool sense of style. I totally love it. I don't think she has the ability to actually win the show, but I think she's got a good chance of doing really well, and opening up the door for more people like her in the future.

Paul McDonald- I TOTALLY LOVE THIS GUY. He's super cute (did you see that smile?!) and really talented. He's kind of off-beat and quirky, but it seems like that's what the judges want this year. He did an original song during Hollywood week, and it was actually really good! Shows off his ability as a song writer pretty well. He automatically has the advantage of being a white guy that plays the guitar, so right now he's probably more likely than anyone else to win. lol, I don't really mean that, but I do like the guy a lot. He doesn't sound quite like anything I've really heard before on the show, which is definitely good because the past 3 winners are all kind of sort of rock-lite guys. His clothes are kind of ridiculous sometimes, but in the best way possible.

Pia Toscano- Like her a lot! The producers obviously knew what they were doing this year with the performance order. Since everyone only had one shot (unless of course you got wildcarded) so giving someone the last slot in performance order could be crucial to their success or failure. Pia capitalized on the opportunity and the fact that we hadn't seen much of her before that, and gave an AWESOME performance. She definitely seems comfortable on the stage with her performing, and is really pretty but not in such a way that she's trying way too hard to be pretty. Looking forward to hearing more from her!

Scotty McCreery- I HATE COUNTRY MUSIC. And that's obviously all this kid can do. He seems like a nice person, but I just CAN NOT STAND his voice. Sorry dude.

Stefano Lagone- Awwh, he's such a little cutie pie. I loved his rendition of "Just The Way You Are". Great song choice, a totally relevant. He seems super likable, and is obviously talented. I fear that he might get overshadowed by some of the guys with more personality and quirkiness, but I definitely like him.

And last...(and possibly least)

Thia Megia- Oh hey there pageant bot. I'm just waiting for Ryan to say "After the break...Thia Megia...and Pia!" They're going to have too much fun with the rhyming names. The girl is just too young, and not ready for this. No doubt she's got a good voice, but absolutely NO identity.

Other things about the season:

-The mansion is back! That's right...the contestants are living in the Idol mansion again this year. Thing I remember most about the Idol mansion from season 8? Danny Gokey and Allison Iraheta getting into a cake fight. Fun times.

-They contestants are actually allowed to have their own twitters this year! And it looks like they're actually allowed to post (pretty much) whatever they want. A contestant's popularity (at least initially) can often be gauged from their number of twitter followers.

-The boot song this year! David Cook's cover of "Don't You Forget About Me". AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME. I love love love David Cook. Somewhat because he's pretty much the one that a changed American Idol into Artist Idol. Blake Lewis was really the first one to start with that, but then David really got going with it. And also because he's ridiculously talented and seems like a super nice guy. I love that song because it's from one of my favorite movies (The Breakfast Club!) and David's version is absolutely great.

-HOW IS RANDY SUDDENLY THE MOST USEFUL JUDGE?! J.Lo seems to like everyone, and Steven doesn't have much bad to say. But Randy actually gives legitimate critiques and criticism! When did this happen?!


Really excellent crop of talent this year. I'm kind of biased on this one just because I like guys' voices better than girls in general, but I still think that the guys are better than the girls. But there are definitely MANY more talented girls this year than there have been since season 6, at least in my opinion. I still think that American Idol is boys' game though, and it's always going to be more difficult for a girl to win. Partly because of the demographics and stuff, but guys just come off as more likable people on TV in my opinion. Looking forward to Top 13 next week, and seeing what everyone has to offer.

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I said I wouldn't watch it this year...but I gave in

Feb. 25th, 2011 | 01:07 am

They say that every year. And every year I roll my eyes. After the extremely anti-climactic disappointment that was American Idol's 9th season, I wasn't going to come back this year. I told myself that I didn't have the time to watch this show for between 2 and 5 hours per week, and become emotionally invested in it as I always do. Alas, this is what a week off from school has done to me. I was yesterday, and decided to DVR the episode that was on yesterday. Obviously a big mistake, as after watching it I headed to all the Idol blogs to read Top 24 spoilers and proceed to watch every video of everyone in the top 24 that looked even remotely interesting to me. I'M ADDICTED NOW. I kind of sort of actually believe that this might be the most talented group of people that they've ever had on the show.
Some random thoughts on the show in general this year:


-Also on that note...James Durbin. Sigh. I don't want to sound all judgmental and close-minded...but is giving someone that openly declares the fact that they have turrets and aspbergers/high function autism (WHICH ARE NOT THE SAME THING)the chance to be on live television such a good idea? No doubt, he's talented, but there would be no place in American Idol for people like him had Adam Lambert not forged the path.

-What's with all the girls with odd names? Ashthon? Naima? Pia (ok, at least I've heard that one before) Thia? (maybe Pia and Thia are cousins?) and Ta-Tynsia? Are they trying to make Idol more ~cultured~ since a white guy has won for the past 3 years? Probably.

-I HATE POOFY DRESS GIRL. That's all she will ever be referred to as. How the hell is this girl 15? She seems like the kind of girl that I'd really hate if she went to my school.

-After guys winning 3 years in a row, the show and the powers that be obviously want a girl to win. "IT'S A GIRL'S YEAR" Ok Randy. Whatevs. I never believed you before, and I don't believe you this year. I really especially don't believe you this year since you're giving us SO MANY TALENTED GUYS. I generally find guys' voices more appealing than girls (unless it's country music, in which case it's the opposite) but seriously, the guys are SO MUCH BETTER. Last year they were obviously stacking it for a girl to win (which pretty much failed) because all the guys were a big bowl of mediocre. But there's something at least semi-interesting about every guy this year

-The producers are doing a little bit of a better job of showing everyone who made it to the top 24 at at least SOME point. I don't really know much about Kendra Campbell or Karen Rodriguez, but at least I've heard them sing a couple of notes.

-Idol is definitely making an effort to be less racist this year. THAT SOUNDS SO BAD. But it's true. There's definitely more ethnic diversity throughout the top 24 than there has been in the past. There are THREE. Not one, not two, but THREE black guys in the top 24. And I feel like each of them really is actually talented and not just there to be "token black guy".

So who are my favorites right now? Of the guys, I think I like Paul and Tim the most. Overall, I think the guys are definitely more interesting, and there are guys than girls that I dislike. I really don't like Scott McCreery. Probably a nice enough person...but country music...and the tone of his voice. yuckkkkk.
Of the girls, Rachel Zevita is definitely my favorite. She seems super fun and quirky and all around awesome. I like Julie Zorilla a lot as well, and a couple others (Naima and Lauren Turner) definitely have potential. I don't like either 15 year old girl...I was once a 15 year old girl, and they do NOT BELONG ON NATIONAL TELEVISION.

So yeah, that's all for now. I'll probably have more to say about everyone once the live show airs.

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adventures at zumiez

Feb. 24th, 2011 | 02:30 am

I love the people that work at Zumiez and Hot Topic because they're usually super friendly and you can have pretty cool conversations with them sometimes. I was in Zumiez today buying a pair of sunglasses, and I had an interesting chat with the guy that worked there about Fall Out Boy and Pete.

"Just so you know, the sunglasses are two for..."
"That's really ok. I only want to buy one."
I proceed to checkout, cashier boy is jamming along to the Fall Out Boy song playing.
"Good soundtrack in here today..." When I walked in Calm Before the Storm was playing. A song by Owl City came on next, and Chicago is So Two Years Ago was playing now.
"Thanks, it's my iPod."
"Awesome...are you a Fall Out Boy fan?"
"Used to be. Pete was really good friends with one of my best friends. I went to a few of their first shows, hung out with them a few times. I think I was only like 15, and I went on this crazy road trip with some buddies to Chicago just to see them play."
"That's totally awesome, I'm really jealous."
"Yeah...Pete was a pretty cool guy back then. But he kind of turned into an ass, really let the fame go to his head."
"Man, that really sucks."
"I hung out with him a my friend a few times, met Patrick a couple of times too. Patrick's still a real cool guy, didn't change like Pete did."
He pulls out his phone and shows me a picture of him and Pete.
"Pretty cool...good talking to you."

It makes me so sad to hear things like this :(

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Feb. 24th, 2011 | 12:42 am

Oh hi. I'm Alex. This is my journal. THAT SOUNDS SUPER LAME.
To be honest, I’m not really sure if anyone cares about what I have to say, or if anyone will even read this. I’ve said for most of my life that I’d love to be a writer, journalist, or something along those lines. It’s kind of just a dream, but I have to start somewhere, right?
Things you might find by reading this page:
random thoughts
musings about things that happened during the day
pictures of celebrity guys and comments on how hot they are
complaining about my parents
talking about tv
whining about various things
anything else that I might feel like putting on here

Stay tuned. I promise it will get (at least a little bit) more interesting than this.

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long time....

Mar. 24th, 2009 | 09:30 pm
mood: contentcontent

wow it's been a long time since I've posted on here. Like nearly a year. I've had about a billion different LJ usernames since then, but I don't like any of them, and this one is just really...me.
So I guess I'll try to update this daily, just for myself or for whoever else has the crazy desire to read about my boring life.

So what happened today....
Nothing. Well that's not true, of course something happened. It just doesn't seem like anything. It seems like I haven't been on the computer in forever because of the stupid school musical.
So what DID actually happen today? 

My crazy global teacher pretty much gave us the test, but then got mad when people were cheating.
My mom got mad at me cause I slept for like 2 hours this afternoon.
I watched "The Big Bang Theory". Hilarious show, I absolutely love it.
My mom gave me Pink Floyd's "Dark Side Of The Moon" and The Beatles "Abbey Road" because I asked her for some good music, and now I'm writing this as I'm waiting for songs to import into iTunes, which takes FOREVER.

 So yeah, that's pretty much my day.
I start sentences with "So" way too much.

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